Find new inspiration and create a new learning culture and better teaching practices in your school. Reinforce the mission and vision of your school.

L’Academy offers a large variety of Professional Development workshops for educators. At the moment they are mostly available in French, but some can also be offered in English. You can view some samples on the French pages of the site.

We also offer consulting services for bilingual or international schools, private or public. Based on North American models, a full evaluation of all the aspects of your school can be performed, including:

  • The mission and Vision
  • The Governance
  • The program: how students learn and how are they supported
  • The school culture; communication and collaborative teaching
  • The strategic plan or long term vision: challenges and opportunities

For your school, we can define which modules would apply best and answer your needs. Going through the process of evaluation and identifying strengths and weaknesses helps align the school community on a common vision and culture for the next few years. A new strategic plan, which includes pedagogical and administrative goals, can be developed with the participation of the whole community.